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    This has been a fast knit so far with one small snag. Lolo was on my lap the other night and managed to unravel a section, causing me to rip back 4rows. I just have a couple more rows to do.



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    I didn’t get to take any classes but I did make it to the marketplace. Fun times at the marketplace.

    I just couldn’t make up my mind what yarn to buy and had a very limited budget. I wound up with fiber, both from Crown Mountain Farms. The fawn color is 70% alpaca/ 30% tussah silk, one of my favorite blends. The darker is Blue Faced Leicester, which I’ve spun before and also really love. Both are 4oz bumps, enough for a small shawl.
    Fiber from the marketplace

    I really love sock summit and am sorry I missed out on the flash mob, which looked like this: