• Spindles 29.06.2012 No Comments

    To have a blog and not post. It’s sort of like having this nice spindle that I decided I didn’t like:


    I’ve been using it as my work spindle as it’s been very nice. When we went to Depoe Bay several weeks ago, we passed a fiber shop. It was almost closing for them but I bought a cheap toy wheel spindle and a bump of dyed wool fiber. I had fun spinning during the drive. I’d never really done that, as I usually drove with Jeffrey as the passenger. So it’s got me spinning again. I think I’m about to take on a major spinning project. I’ll get enough wool to last me the rest of my life and make a new knitter happy by spinning up some of it for her.

    And that’s the joy of spinning. It’s just waiting for a chance to make you happy.