• Fiber 22.02.2013

    I have been thinking about sending off some of my fleeces to be processed. I think I have 11 or 12 of them, plus the 60 pounds of free wool from Craigslist. I worked up a bit of the free wool and I am now thinking about putting that away for awhile. But I do have some nice wool, mostly bought at Black Sheep, that I would like to work up. I have some time for spinning, but I don’t seem to have a lot of time for fiber prep.  Back in the day, I did this and had a lot of nice bumps of roving to work from. I love carding and combing my own fleece, but I’ve got to be realistic about this.

    To get started, I brought home a shetland fleece I bought in 2007 that still needs to be washed. I’m going to wash it and let it start drying. Then I’ll start bringing home the other unwashed fleeces.  All this wool has been in storage for so long.  When Jeffrey and I moved to Stabler, I had it stored then. It’s been in storage since I’ve been in Vancouver.  I want to make some nice, long lasting sweaters and shawls. I would much rather work with my own fiber than with commercial yarns.

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