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    I’ve tried some merino/tussah silk fiber and also some BFL from Mountain Colors. The merino blend is tricky, when you get to the end of the fibers and have all those little short pieces left. I tend to let it draft down too fine, but I think I’m getting over that. It’s a hangover from spinning cotton. The wool does draft differently.

    I’ve been using the spindle with the hook. I did try it without it at first and it works fine that way. I’ve gotten the hang of using the spiral. I am able to spin this supported on my leg without a bowl. I’ve used my standard wooden bowl and also a small silver plated salt cellar. It seems to work well no matter how I use it. I’ve not really tried holding it in hand and twiddling it with my fingers. It seems way too slow. I’ll play around with that at some point, just to make sure I know how to do it.

    It’s different from using a high whorl, but it’s fun. I was thinking about how nice it is to be a spinner these days. Lots of gorgeous spindles to use, lots of glitzy fiber to spin. It’s a big contrast from my last spindle purchase, the old Bulgarian spindle. The tools do the same job. We spin for pleasure, not necessity.

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    I’ve been admiring Lisa Chan’s spindles for a few months now. They seem very elegant. Of course my order happened to hit right before the holiday! But it arrived today and I’ve been trying to get to know my new cocobolo Rose. It’s a lot like spinning cotton on a Takli. I’m having better luck spinning this merino/tussah blend on the fold. At bit more practice, and I’ll have the hang of it. So far I really like it!




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    This is some potluck roving. I bought this at a fiber store in Newburg, OR on a trip to the coast. I’m getting about an ounce of plied yarn off my spindles. I’m using a David Reed Smith spindle that has 3 shafts. Two are for spinning and one for plying. I have about an ounce left to do.




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    I have ordered a few things from an Ebay seller in Bulgaria. Today I got my original order, which seems to have been delayed in customs. I have another, older distaff and I’ll try and take pictures of that tomorrow. But I find this to be a very interesting spindle. It’s supposed to be from the 1800s. It’s heavy compared to modern spindles, but it’s comfortable to use. Obviously, someone wanted to keep this spindle going as long as possible.

    full view

    top view

    steel bands

    another side view

    side view

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    This is my first attempt at using my Bulgarian distaff. I am using some uncarded Shetland fleece. This is not a special fleece and a little bit coarse. I am posting this picture so that no one will ever feel bad about how their distaff looks!

    Loaded distaff

    This is what it looks like on the spindle.

    2013-05-12 13.30.32

    So far I’m enjoying this. My shoulder muscles are really out of shape for any prolonged spinning. Gotta get back in shape!

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    Cascade spindle with Corriedale/Romney cross. I got this at Black Sheep several years ago. I think it was a third place winner.

    2013-05-08 18.04.47

    I think this is a Tabacheck spindle, with silk/alpaca blend.

    2013-05-08 18.05.02

    One of my new spindle whorls, spinning colored cotton.

    2013-05-08 18.05.22

    Hatchtown with that rayon stuff from Scrap.

    2013-05-08 18.05.35

    Another one of the new whorls, with dyed cotton.

    2013-05-08 18.05.52