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    This is a Spindlewood Akha. It’s maple with Paduak rings. I got it at Woodland Woolworks several years ago, marked down because the whorl is on backwards. It spins just fine. I have an authentic Akha that I don’t use often because its fragile. This one is not.

    The yarn is natural brown cotton. When Jeffrey was sick, I grabbed the bag with this spindle and the bag with my sock knitting. I didn’t do much spinning. Cotton is an easy spin when you have your “cotton mojo”. If you don’t have it, there’s no point in fighting it. This is a very restful way to spin cotton and easier on my shoulder than Takli spinning.



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    • Zoe says:

      Are you spinning on your Akha suspended or supported?
      Yes, it’s me, Zoe M, from Ravelry! I love your blogs.

      • terip says:

        I use it both ways. I start spinning holding it supported. Then I give it an unsupported spin to add more twist.

        There was som discussion of akhas on the Spindle a Lore forum. I guess they are traditionally used unsupported. They are my favorite tool for spinning cotton.

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