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    This is what I’ve been doing today. Green cotton on the akha. Dyed yellow cotton on the Spindlewood akha and dyed pink on the takli

    Today's spinning

    Today’s spinning

    Then there’s this project:
    spindle spun shawl

    This is mainly spindle spun yarn. I believe it dates back to 1995, when I got heavily into spindles. I can tell it was plied from a center pull ball and it’s much too small an amount for me to have done on a wheel. I’m using the browns for the Milk Run Shawl off Ravelry. Any left overs will go with the greys and whites. I want to try and make a blanket for the bed, using the same pattern I used for Lon’s blankie. I want to use all this stuff up. I have been going through the bins that have been stored for about 8 years now. I’ve washed up the fleeces that hadn’t been cleaned. I’ve even combed a bit up and have spun it on the Lark. I’ll ply it and do a test knit to find projects for it. I’m pulling out the commercial yarns and trying to sort out some projects for the stuff I want to keep. I am seriously in a spinning mode right now. And I really don’t want to work with anything but handspun for a bit.

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