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    I have been busy knitting AND spinning. So let’s do some recent stuff.

    Greenwood Fibers "Grapevine" Spinning singles from Grapevine

    Greenwood Fibers "Twilight"

    Sock yarn from Twilight, using my new Enid Ashcroft Midge in Tulipwood

    The unending rayon or possibly merino

    Another spinner on Ravelry has this same stuff! She says hers was labeled as merino. It sure feels like rayon to me. I guess I’ll know more when I wash it.

    And I have a new yarn bowl!
    Twilight in progress

    It’s made from pine and processed a certain way to make it translucent!

    yarn bowl up to the light

    side view of my new yarn bowl

    It’s beautiful work by Lon’s wood turning teacher, Howard.

    yarn bowl from the top

    Let’s have one more picture of that EA Midge!

    Enid Ashcroft Tulipwood Midge

    This is the Milk Run shawl, done up in natural colored wools. This is almost all spindle spun. Most of this yarn has been kicking around in bins for a long time now. I really like this shawl.

    River Run shawl in natural browns Side view of the River Run shawl Front view of the River Run shawl

    And that’s it for today!

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    2 Comments to "Has it really been this long?"

    • kath says:

      Great pictures…and your shawl is gorgeous. Is your midge tulip wood? I have a tulip wood Lark and it looks very similar.

      • terip says:

        Yes, the Midge is tulipwood. I’d bet that your Lark is lovely! I am hoping to get another Lark at some point. I like the ebony, but would also like a light colored one to use with dark wool.

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