• Fiber 06.08.2013

    I realize I am linking to old posts on Abby’s blog again. But here is another interesting one: Should everyone spin? And while I do agree with this one, it concerns me that the thing most spinners spin is prepared fiber. I’m not sure that it does you a lot of good to know how to spin when that supply of fiber dries up. Knowing how to process a fleece from scratch is part and parcel of spinning.

    I finally have taken out all of the bins of fiber in storage. I found one more fleece to wash, now drying. There’s a lot of fiber that’s already been spun. I found more cotton roving. I have my office now full of bins and fleece, roving and yarn everywhere.

    And I bought this:
    Greenwood Fiberworks Lovely stuff and I look forward to spinning it (along with my ongoing combed fleece project.)

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