• Fiber, Projects 26.09.2013

    First, an update on the project. This is the Beithe shawlette that I made for my friend Amy out of the Greenwood Fibers Grapevine.

    Beithe shawlette

    She said that she liked it well enough that she wanted to wear it to bed! I’d say it was a successful project.

    But my post is about stuff from my stash. I have a lot of fiber and handspun in my stash. Some of it can easily be 20 years old. I have a good memory for most of it. But I can’t remember what type of wool this is. I do remember that it’s dyed with Rit dye.

    mystery wool spinning mystery wool

    As you can see, it combs up nice. It might be Rambouillet. It’s crimpy, with about a 3 inch long staple.  I’m sure I’ll think of a use for it. I should at least weigh it and find out how much of it I have. I’ll have a lot of waste when I comb it though.

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