• Projects 26.04.2014 No Comments

    I’m getting project burnout here. I think I’ll do another row or two and call it quits. I’ve used up most of the yarn so mission accomplished.


  • Spindles 07.04.2014 No Comments

    This is a reminder for new spindle spinners. When you’ve decided that your first spindle is too heavy and moved on to a new spindle, keep the old one. It will likely be perfect for plying. I very seldom ply on the spindle I used for the singles. The capacity will be too limited. Instead, I use an old, heavy spindle to ply. I can combine turtles or cops for longer yardage. The spindle might be too heavy for singles, but will work fine on multiply yarns.

    Here’s my no name turk in action on a three ply sock yarn. The singles were spun on the Enid Ashcroft Midge, weighing 15gr.

    Twilight plied

    I really stalled out on this project. It will be completed because I bought that TB travel stuff sack for the Midge. I stick that in my purse and it’s always handy. If I don’t want to knit or work on my other spinning project, I work on this one. I think I’ll continue to carry around a lightweight project like this.