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    I was thinking yesterday how long it’s been since I’ve used a wheel. I don’t think I’ve touched one, since I loaned out my Louet to a friend that wants to learn to spin on a wheel. I have two wheels that I will keep for sentimental reasons. I love the great wheel, but the wheel is warped and it’s tricky to use. I will always love my Pipy, which I bought in the 70s. So many memories with that one. I almost sold it, but Jeffrey told me I should keep it. I’ve had some repairs done to it, but haven’t tried using it since it’s been fixed.

    Mostly, I just love my spindles. I can use them anywhere. I’m working on the East Friesian and the Midge projects. I like to trade off, as the two fibers feel and draft differently. I finished my first skein from the Midges yesterday:


    The Midge project

    Skeined up

    First skein

    I have my little Tom Bihn project bags. When I have enough turtles, I take my Tracy Einheim low whorl and ply it up. Then it’s skeined and washed. I’m using my excess TB Café Bags for storage. It’s just a different process than using a wheel. It’s just plain fun!

    I do need to start knitting, as I have some projects on tap. The knuckle on my right index finger has been swollen for a few weeks and I’ve been babying it. I did knit for awhile this weekend and it seemed okay.

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