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    I am a fan of my Enid Ashcroft spindles. I have two Midges. They spin well and she has a nice eye for wood grain. I like the way the wood of the shaft compliments the spindle whorl. The shapes are not as elegant as my Jenkins’ turks, but I’m okay with that. I can buy Enid’s spindles and know that they are her own designs.

    Front of the mini

    So this is my new Mini and the first I’ve bought directly from Enid.

    Back of the mini

    This is Ovangkol with a Burmese Teak shaft. I hadn’t heard of Ovangkol, which seems to be used in making guitars. It’s beautiful wood. It’s 18 grams, 3 5/8″ whorl with a 4 5/8″ shaft. It’s very similar in size to my Jenkins’ Lark.

    Ebony Lark on top of Mini

    Mini under my Ebony Lark

    Ebony Lark on top of Mini

    The Mini is lighter than the Ebony Lark but does have a similar spin. I like them both, of course! I try to keep all my turkish spindles busy, so I have too many project going right now. And I picked up another of the #1 Tom Bihn travel stuff sacks in Ultraviolet, to have a place for this new project and spindle.

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    completed turtle

    I’ve invented a new term! I have no idea how this will look, so we’ll see if it’s a useful technique. I like to break up the colors in multi-colored roving. In my project from the last update, I pull off a chunk of roving, split it, and spin one half on one Midge and the other half on my other Midge. I combine this with another turtle for a three ply.

    This project is BFL from Greenwood Fibers in the colorway Emily. I’m trying what I will call “butterflying”. It’s a technique people use on things like tenderloin steaks. You cut it in two, so that it splits but leaves the steak joined. I am taking a chunk of roving, splitting it, then spinning from one end. When I run out, I attach the other piece from the end with the same color. Then I spin to the end of that. I’m thinking this will be two ply, but I may decide to go with three ply. I think this may give me some longer stretches of a single color. We wll see. I am spinning this on my new Enid Ashcroft Mini, which will have a separate post.

    first strip of roving

    Showing how the second strip will be attached.

    attaching the second strip

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    I’m still working on the same things. I’ve finished another hank of the East Friesian. I am working on the last of the wine and silver Falklands from Wintry Flower by Design. It looks like this:

    wine and silver

    It’s hard to get a good picture of it. I’m on the last bit of this. I picked up another 4 ounces of similar colored Falklands. I can’t really tell you why I like this so much, other than to say that I like grapey colors. I had a little extra money this month, so I picked up a few new braids of fiber for the winter. I don’t know if I’m going to bother with Oregon Flock and Fiber. I have one new spindle that should get here soon. I think I am going to buy a few more of the Enid Ashcroft spindles. I really like my Midges. I am starting to think I need one of each size. And maybe one more Midge.