• Projects 08.12.2014

    So this is my Christmas project for Lon. He wants a scarf or watch cap out of buffalo fiber. He wants it to be “rustic”. I found a source on Ebay for dehaired buffalo fiber.

    Dehaired buffalo

    I tried spinning it a few ways, but it just seemed to short in places to be stable. Here’s a trial run on my Rose:

    supported on the Rose

    I found some carded cashmere. I thought that might help, since the fibers are a bit longer and it will add a little softness and shine. I’m blending a bit of it on my Louet hand cards.

    buffalo below, cashmere right and combined fiber on the left

    This seems to work pretty well and I am able to spin it on my Loki. I am holding the spindle, Akha style, and putting some twist in while supported. I can then do a thigh roll and add more twist. I am spinning this woolen style. It’s less stressful on my shoulder than using a supported spindle. I plied a small amount from my trials and it seems to look “rustic”. So I guess I’m okay. I have two ounces of this to spin, then will need to find the right project.

    Spinning on my Loki

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