• Projects 05.01.2015

    I finished a couple of Flora’s caps for myself:
    Handspun Flora's cap and cowl
    I was glad to finally find a use for this handspun. It’s nice stuff. I made the matching cowl over 141 stitches using the same edging and stitch pattern.

    Fanny modeling Flora's cap

    Fanny is modeling the second cap. This is some Koigu merino that I bought for making the Traveler’s socks. I didn’t like the yarn for that pattern and there was some moth damage. It worked up nicely for this cap.

    And there were two Watchcaps for the guys:
    Lon's cap

    Quinn's cap

    I am still working on the buffalo project, as well as a couple of other spinning projects. I am resizing Quinn’s socks, then need to rework the sleeves on my new cardigan. When I finish those, it will be time for some new knitting projects!

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