• Projects 12.02.2015

    I’ve been working on some small stuff. Not a lot of spinning right now, so here’s what I have:

    This is the unblocked Eileen Mary (called Mary Helen in my projects). Nice pattern and nice yarn. I’m waiting for it to dry, for a final picture.
    Eileen Mary

    Wingfeathers in Dream in Color Baby. The yarn was bought by mistake. I thought it was red, not orange. I haven’t done crochet in a long time, so that was sort of fun. I may do a few more of these.

    New project, Joan Fuller (called Joy Levin in my projects). I’ve had this yarn for a long time, and got it from Joy. This seems like the right project at long last for it and it’s coming along nicely.
    Joan Fuller

    Zuzu’s Petals for Quinn’s girlfriend, Shanna. I wanted to do something for her. I like to make shawlettes, but thought this shawl/cowl might work better for her. Bought the yarn while at the office for a staff meeting.
    Zuzu's Petals

    And since I had leftover yarn, I made a beanie for Shanna to go with the shawl.
    Mistake Rib watchcap

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