• Projects 28.05.2015 No Comments

    Lon and I are getting married on June 20th! Now, I made my own wedding clothes when I married Jeffrey. I made the mistake of setting the wedding for December 11th, which was at the end of winter quarter. I did not think about how much finals would cut into my sewing time. I’d planned to make clothes for him, but didn’t have time.

    This time, I told Lon I will not be making anything for him. I did not make a corset, although I really want to make one some time. I bought a cheapie one from China that is actually okay. I already own the Gibson Girl Blouse, Walking Skirt and Edwardian Underthings patterns from Folkwear. I have a couple of pieces cut out that I never got around to sewing. And I’ve made the blouse and skirt, so know how to make them and how they fit. While waiting for a fabric order, I sewed up some medium weight linen that I’ve had for years. The skirt turned out just wonderful and I’m going to use it. Pictures over on the notsothoreau.com blog. Still need to hem and put on hooks and eyes. I think I may add some tucks across the bottom.

    Got blouse fabric today and it’s already washed. Will be cutting out more pieces and doing some sewing this weekend.. All knitting/spinning projects are pretty much on hold until July. Back when I was in college, and marrying the first time, I was a drama major and wanted to work in costuming. The desire to do that is still there. I think, when I get past this, I will be tackling some other historical patterns and making a few things for Lon. He loves to play dress up too!