• Projects 29.11.2017 No Comments

    I haven’t blocked Abby’s shawl yet, but it is done and I have the shawl pin for it. I am still working on my Christmas knitting. I’ve started a watch cap and would like to make another one as well. So I am definitely knitting.

    I posted most of the pictures of my new treadle on my notsothoreau site, but will post a couple of them here too. I do love this machine!

    I have plans to do more sewing, even have a pattern for Lon on the way. I am also thinking about taking an online class. I would like to get better at this. I like to make my own clothes, but I get in a hurry for the finished product. I have been able to find a few things online to buy that I like. I hate shopping for clothes, but found some blouses with a vintage flair as well as a walking skirt knock off. It is very nice to wear clothes made out of fabric instead of knits. I think the reason people look so sloppy these days is due to knit clothes. They just don’t fit well.