• I’ve been spinning and knitting for many years now. It’s a thread that runs through my life, from the day I first met Jeffrey, the man who was my husband for 37 years. It ran through all the years we were together, through life in a schoolbus, travel trailer, on the road and on the farm. He always supported everything I wanted to do and would be the first to tell me that I really did need to buy that new yarn. It ran right through the socks I knitted for him in the ICU to his death on October 8th, 2008.

    My new love’s name is Lon and we met in the ICU waiting room, while his wife Kate was ill. We became friends during that awful time, talking about all the terrible things we had to deal with. She died the day before Jeffrey and we continued our friendship. It eventually became something deeper than friendship. We live now on a beautiful spot next to the Columbia River in Washington state. Feel free to check out my other blog, Not So Thoreau for non-fiber posts.


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