• Still working on the same group of projects. The Eileen Mary sweater is done. I think I am going to get either horsehair braid or ribbon with wired edges for that collar. I’ve considered taking the collar off and putting in a ribbing. I’d like to see what it looks like with a stiffer collar first.

    The spinning projects just seem to go on forever. I suppose I might start finishing them, if I’d stop adding new projects! And I’m working on the Lillian Fay cardigan, so I trade off between that and spinning. I really am going to have to start sewing. I have patterns and fabric, but have not had time to cut any of it out.


  • First up, the Go To Cardigan by Churchmouse yarns. I had to redo the sleeve caps but it’s finally done. I’m happy with the fit and love Rowan Felted Tweed!
    Go To Cardigan

    Next is my second Wingspan. This is done in Knit Picks Kettle dyed yarns. It works well in this pattern.
    Second Wingspan

    Still working on this wine colored fiber from Wintry Flower by Design. I thought I’d finished it, but found another chunk of the braid.
    Midge and wine colored fiber

    This is the new Lark, with a BaaBaa Huey Pine Gradient in BFL. It’s lovely fiber.
    Lark and green gradient

    Ongoing is the Southdown/Tussah from Inglenook. I was heavily into knitting and this went on the back burner. I’m trying to pick it back up.
    Midge and Southdown/Tussah

    I am very close to finishing the Eileen Mary sweater. I had some fitting issues with it too, but that seems to be resolved. I just need to do the finish work and block the collar again.

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    This is a 27g/.95oz Jenkins Marblewood Lark on a walnut shaft. It’s my latest addition!

    Marblewood Lark front

    Marblewood Lark side

    Marblewood Lark back

    in the sun

    And the first project is 4oz of BaaBaa Huey BFL in Pine gradient.
    First project

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    I’ve been working on some small stuff. Not a lot of spinning right now, so here’s what I have:

    This is the unblocked Eileen Mary (called Mary Helen in my projects). Nice pattern and nice yarn. I’m waiting for it to dry, for a final picture.
    Eileen Mary

    Wingfeathers in Dream in Color Baby. The yarn was bought by mistake. I thought it was red, not orange. I haven’t done crochet in a long time, so that was sort of fun. I may do a few more of these.

    New project, Joan Fuller (called Joy Levin in my projects). I’ve had this yarn for a long time, and got it from Joy. This seems like the right project at long last for it and it’s coming along nicely.
    Joan Fuller

    Zuzu’s Petals for Quinn’s girlfriend, Shanna. I wanted to do something for her. I like to make shawlettes, but thought this shawl/cowl might work better for her. Bought the yarn while at the office for a staff meeting.
    Zuzu's Petals

    And since I had leftover yarn, I made a beanie for Shanna to go with the shawl.
    Mistake Rib watchcap

  • (Crossposting from NotSoThoreau)

    One of my favorite new blogs does her resolutions on Groundhog Day. I thought it was a great idea! So here are my fiber resolutions (which I’m going to cross post over on Spinditis.)

      • Knit three cardigans. At least one will be done from handspun
      • Buy yarn only for specific projects. The only exemption is sock yarn.
      • Sew at least three new skirts and tops.
      • Make at least three new pairs of socks.
      • Sell off some knitting books/magazines
      • Use or give away yarn and fiber stash
      • Design one sweater and one shawl
      • Make as much food as possible from scratch
      • Start an herb garden.
      • Do more dyeing.

    I want to work in color this year. I love my natural colored fleeces, but I feel the need for more color. I also want to work more intentionally this year. I want to knit sweaters to go with clothes that I make. I don’t know how many more years I will be able to knit and spin. Best to start working with an end in mind.

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    This is how I get into trouble!

    Spinning projects:

    The three sisters Romney:

    East Friesian:

    Wine and Silver Falklands from Wintry Flower by Design:
    silver and wine falklands

    Emily Merino by Greenwood Fibers:
    Emily merino

    The buffalo and cashmere project:
    buffalo and cashmere

    Southdown and Tussah from Inglenook Fibers:
    southdown and tussah

    Knitting projects:
    I finished the Howlcat cowl. I don’t think the yarns I picked worked out well. I should take a picture of it. It’s a clever pattern. I don’t know what to do with the green socks. I’m reworking the foot, as they just felt big. I’ll post more about those separately, when I figure them out.

    There’s the sweater project from my new favorite designer, Ellen Mason. This is Eileen Mary in Cascade Eco+. I’ve finished the lower part and need to get started on the sleeves. I like the yarn. It reminds me of Spinnerin, which was a popular yarn when this type sweater was popular. The pattern is well written and interesting to knit. I have plans to do at least two more of her patterns when I finish this. The yarn is a darker red than you can see in this picture.

    Eileen Mary

    I bought yarn for a shawlette project, but it’s not going to work. I wanted red and this is more orange. Will need to find another use for it. I also got some Lorna’s Laces Solemate. It has this special fiber that is supposed to keep you from getting too hot or cold. I am going to work up a good pattern for Lon’s socks. He has odd feet. They swell, so he needs more room at the top and that makes them look short and square. It should be fun. I can make socks that fit, but so far, they haven’t fit as well as I’d like. And I have two sock projects that I want to make for myself. Too bad I can’t clone myself!

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    I am still working on this one. I find that it’s easier to spin with a small amount of cashmere added. I card this on my small Louet hand cards. And I spin it on my Loki, the same way I’d handle cotton. I spin until the spindle drops too much, then take a break. I’ve ordered more yarn so will have some additional projects to report soon. Still trying to redo the sleeves on my cardigan and finish my green lace socks.


    buffalo fiber

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    I am still working on the buffalo, but it’s not as much fun as my new fiber (of courser.) Lon shaved his head over the holidays. He’s growing it back out but has made a lot of use of his watch cap. He wants the buffalo for a scarf. I am close to plying my first batch of it, so that’s something.

    I ordered some Southdown/tussah silk from Inglenook Fibers. I love the color and I usually do love down wools.  This is for the Spindlemaniacs challenge.


    southdown/tussah silk

    I also got this sample. It’s interesting stuff. I think this is the first time I’ve had holographic fiber in a blend.
    inglenook sample

    I am also doing socks. I have several of Nancy Bush’s books and I think I’m going to focus on the Vintage sock book when I finish my current project. I also want to experiment with knitting socks on two small circulars.

    Gentleman’s sock in Railway stitch:
    Gentleman's sock in Railway stitch

    These are the lacy socks from Folks Socks. I’d knit this yarn up as a shawlette (Traveling Woman pattern) but never wore it. I love these acidy greens and just thought it might be interesting in this pattern.
    lacy socks from Folk Socks


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    I finished a couple of Flora’s caps for myself:
    Handspun Flora's cap and cowl
    I was glad to finally find a use for this handspun. It’s nice stuff. I made the matching cowl over 141 stitches using the same edging and stitch pattern.

    Fanny modeling Flora's cap

    Fanny is modeling the second cap. This is some Koigu merino that I bought for making the Traveler’s socks. I didn’t like the yarn for that pattern and there was some moth damage. It worked up nicely for this cap.

    And there were two Watchcaps for the guys:
    Lon's cap

    Quinn's cap

    I am still working on the buffalo project, as well as a couple of other spinning projects. I am resizing Quinn’s socks, then need to rework the sleeves on my new cardigan. When I finish those, it will be time for some new knitting projects!

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    So this is my Christmas project for Lon. He wants a scarf or watch cap out of buffalo fiber. He wants it to be “rustic”. I found a source on Ebay for dehaired buffalo fiber.

    Dehaired buffalo

    I tried spinning it a few ways, but it just seemed to short in places to be stable. Here’s a trial run on my Rose:

    supported on the Rose

    I found some carded cashmere. I thought that might help, since the fibers are a bit longer and it will add a little softness and shine. I’m blending a bit of it on my Louet hand cards.

    buffalo below, cashmere right and combined fiber on the left

    This seems to work pretty well and I am able to spin it on my Loki. I am holding the spindle, Akha style, and putting some twist in while supported. I can then do a thigh roll and add more twist. I am spinning this woolen style. It’s less stressful on my shoulder than using a supported spindle. I plied a small amount from my trials and it seems to look “rustic”. So I guess I’m okay. I have two ounces of this to spin, then will need to find the right project.

    Spinning on my Loki