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    Today’s spinning done on my custom Hatchtown. Relax, I didn’t spin all of this today! I believe this is llama from a fiber swap. I really do love this spindle.

    I cleared one spindle, did a little more of the Scrap rayon and carded a bit of the llama to spin. I even managed to convince Fanny to leave it all alone. She’s a good kitten. I’m not sure that working with fiber is a good thing when you have lung problems, but I really need to do some light exercise to build my strength.

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    This is some roving from Scrap. I suspect that it’s rayon, since it burns pretty well when I did a burn test. I have a lot of nice roving that I could be working on. Of course I wanted to see what this looks like. So far, it looks like this:


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    I suspect that every spinner has made unloved yarn. Buy some roving, sight unseen. I believe this was called “Partridge” from Autumn House Farms. Then spin it up just to do that. I did this back when I first moved in with Lon and the house was full of people, when I was shy about spinning at a new place. Ply it just to clear off the bobbin for another project.

    What you wind up with is unloved yarn. I have no idea what I will do with this. I will try and use my imagination just to see if it can be useful, even if unloved.


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    I’m currently working on a reproduction of a 1897 Danish wrap shawl. I’m using some Shetland yarn, previously used on a shawl that didn’t work out. I really love the bottom lace pattern. I think this will be a good use for the yarn. I’m concerned about running out of yarn. I picked up 2 pounds of shetland roving from Wing and a Prayer Farm that seems to be a good match. I’m going to trade off the two yarns in the garter section, then finish up the last lace pattern with the new yarn.


    Bottom lace edging lace edging

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    I’m using some handspun yarn for my new shawl. It’s a Shetland fleece from Ingrid Painter that I bought at Black Sheep Festival some years ago. I hand carded it and it’s not very uniform. I made a shawl out of it but it was too small. I took it apart and let it set.

    This shawl is a reproduction of an old Danish shawl. I think the yarn gives it a nice Rustic look. I think of it as a very 1970s project, because it does not look like it was produced by a machine. The problem is that I do’t have enough yarn for this project.

    I started looking for fleece to buy. December is not a good time to do this. On Etsy, I came across Wing and a Prayer Farm. She had some roving that looked like a good match. I’m in the process of spinning it now. It’s been nice to have the wheel out. I’ve had several spindle projects going, but I think I will finish some of those on the wheel. Will be nice to have some new yarn to play with.